A song popular in heaven and hell


Of course I know that that sounds incredible. Heaven and hell are two opposite places. One is a place of unimaginable beauty, enjoyment and splendour, while the other is a place of burning in a most horrific manner.

There is going to be a song that will be popular in both places. The people in heaven will sing it in a joyful mood while the people in hell will sing it in a sorrowful mood. The lyrics of the song will certainly vary but these sentences will be prominent in all the version and moods. “God is faithful, God is just. He tried enough for me. I had my chances and I made my choices.” Every human being from Adam to the last man on earth will sing this song. When all souls that ever lived on the earth shall stand before God (the righteous and faithful judge) and must have received their judgement, these words will flow freely in their mouths irrespective of whether they are going to heaven or to hell.

On the last day, when the sinner is reminded every opportunity for repentance the Merciful God gave him on earth and he shunned them all; when he remembers how every now and then, preachers “disturb” him through the mass media (radio, television, magazines, tracts, internet etc.), in the bus, in school with preaching of the gospel; when he remembers how he kept on saying “I will make the decision for Christ tomorrow” or even at times chase them away raining curses on them; when he remembers how the last opportunity to repent came and went without any positive response; when he remembers all those things, he would cry aloud saying. “Had I know, I would have …”. But deep down inside him, he will say “But this God really tried enough. I had enough chances but never made any reasonable choice”. Bitterly, he would conclude “this God is faithful, He is just, it is my fault.” I don’t need to tell you that he will cry for mercy in vain as the throne of Grace which he was passionately begged in sermons to approach while on earth for mercy has turned to throne of judgment. No more mercy, but judgment.

When the backslider remembers how he was once burning for God with several scriptures in his head. Shouting “Hallelujah, praise God” was his way of life. When he remembers how he cried at first in repentance because he fell into sin, but soon returned to it again and again because he was enjoying its pleasure, which eventually became a habit. But every now and then, that gentle Holy Spirit kept convicting him of his sins and urging him to make his ways right again, but he refused and kept grieving the Holy Ghost until death caught him unawares. He would doubtlessly cry for one more chance but to no avail. But deep down in him, he would say, “This God tried enough ….”.

Even that man that lived in an environment that was not open to the word of God until his death would not be excused. Although he never heard the gospel, but right inside him is his conscience that kept convicting him of things he did that were bad. When he remembers that although he did not hear any preaching, but he knew within himself what was right and what was wrong, but he chose the wrong things deliberately because he enjoyed doing them. This man will cry and say “But really this God tried for me…..”

While this would be going on on the sorrowful side of the divide, from the pleasant side will arise similar sentences. Although, none will be able to say “My strength brought me here”. Not withstanding, people like Apostle Paul will say, “Although it was by grace made it, not of my works. But that same grace appeared to all men. (Titus 2: 11)

The same grace was made available to everybody, but I decided not to frustrate the grace of God on my life. I decided to use the grace to walk in the way God wanted me to walk. Yes by grace I was saved but I had to hold to it tenaciously. I had to carefully work out my salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2: 12). I had my chances, I am grateful to God I made the best out of them.

Beloved, the big question is this, which mood do you want to be when you will be singing this song? Is it going to be on your way to the lake of fire or to the New Jerusalem of heaven? Maybe the Lord has been dealing with you concerning some things in your life, but you’ve never agreed with Him. Well, you will one day confess to yourself that God tried enough for you if.
May be you know you are not even born again at all. I want to plead with you that you should come to Jesus so that you will not sorrowfully remember several opportunities of repentance (including this one) but you turned them down all. Confess your sins to God. Repent and forsake them now. Utilize God’s grace that is available now and live righteously here on earth. By the grace of God, we will chant that song in the melodious way in golden City of Heaven.


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