Gods choice for divine help: The pure in heart



“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart perfect toward him.”. (2Ch 16:9)

Do you know that God is actually continuously reviewing the heart of every man and women on the face of the earth, scouting to spot out people He can throw His massive weight in their support in life? God wants to display His might in their lives for the world to see and glorify Him. However, one critical condition for before God can select such people is that they must be pure in heart. Pure in heart? Yes!! God is Holy and He cannot throw His full weight in support of someone who lives and enjoy sin (Isaiah 59:1). Being pure in heart does not mean He has never sinned before, rather, it means that the person has been purged by the blood of Jesus. It means the person has given His life to Christ, he has forsaken the old ways of life and he is now utilizing the grace of God being guided by the word of God to live a holy life.

It is not just about claiming to be born again, it is talking about a person who has a deep inner desire to please God in everything; someone that finds pleasure in doing what pleases God. This person hates what God hates and loves what God loves. The physical religious activities of this person match a deep longing for God down inside his heart. He is not a hypocrite that does good only in the outward appearance and church activities, rather he has tender heart and holy reverence for God and His things such that his Christian experience starts from within and then radiates to the outside. Though only God can see his heart, but when you weigh his words which are product of what abounds in the heart, you will discover that he is deeper in God inside than what you see outside (Mat 12: 34). This is a circumcised heart that is patiently waiting and watching for the second coming of the lord despite the fact that he is engaging passionately in secular activities of business, academics, career development etc. when you look beyond the physical appearance, you can see clearly a tender heart, yielded to obey God. He doesn’t just preach he obeys the word; he is so grieved when he discovers he has sinned and goes before God in thorough repentance with a strong resolution not to do that thing again.

Really such a heart is actually a heart that God has worked upon. The heart of stone that constantly yearns for sin has been worked upon by the Holy spirit through the word of God. The new creature is actually blossoming from inside to the outside for the world for see. You can ask God for such a working of God in your life today. Ask God to circumcise your heart, removing that heart of stone that yearns for sin and give you a new heart. “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me”. (Psa 51:10). That is the way that God can pick you out of he billions of people on the earth for divine help.

God bless you big.


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