He can lead you with His eyes


I remember when we were small; my parents have their way of communicating with us in a non-verbal coded language when a visitor is around or when they do not want to talk. There is a way they look at the child and wink their eyes and all the message would have been passed accurately to the child. But the truth is that that non-verbal communication can only work if the child is looking at the face of the parent. If the child is not looking, the parent tries to catch the attention by making a sound or doing something to draw the attention of the child to him. If that fails, then the parent will have to vocalize the instruction in a way that the visitor will eventually hear but may be coded. This is an analogy of how God wants to communicate with His children.
The first and ultimate wish is that God want to lead us by His eyes, but this can only happen if we are looking at his face steadfastly for direction on every issue (both trivial and critical). “Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day”. (Psa 25:5). If you actually develop a personal rapport with God which first begins at genuine encounter with God through salvation, you will discover that God wants to literality lead you as though by hand as you pass your sojourn on the earth. He has unique ways of communicating to His children but the commonest is an inner peace. Down in your spirit, you will feel the warmth of the presence of the Holy Ghost (the same way you feel it when you first gave your life to Christ) as you take steps or contemplate to take steps according to God’s will, while you will feel a restraint inside you while you are taking the wrong step (or contemplating to do so).

If you are vigilant enough in your walk with God, you can easily tell whether there is a frown on God’s face on an issue or a smile. Except in rear occasion, it is when this gentle way of divine leading has failed (because you were not actually looking at the waiting on God to know is desire on the issue) that God will have to resort into other means of getting your attention. He can then use situations, circumstances, prophets, dreams and other means to speak with you. At that point it is like He is making frantic effort to communicate by shouting so that you can hear.
Do you really need God’s inputs in your day-to-day affairs? Start a personal and deep rapport with God today by confessing your sins to God and yielding your life to Him. Then ask for the joy of the Holy Spirit to flood your heart henceforth. You will feel an inner joy and peace inside you. Now watch out for what grieves the Holy Sprit and what makes Him to happy and be guided by it. Your ability to do this will be sharpened when you prayerfully study, meditate and obey the word of God and fellowship with genuine believers under the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit. That is the surest way of sailing through life being led by God.

God bless you big.


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