The loaded tanker ran out of fuel!!


This can look funny but it can happen. A tanker fully loaded, carrying 33,000 litres of fuel can run out of fuel even while it is still loaded. Do you know why? The tanker is carrying petrol while itself needs diesel for its running. So it has full capacity petrol that other vehicles will need for their running, but will require that its driver should go to another filling station to buy diesel for the tanker to move.

This was the picture God painted for me to explain the difference between the blessing of God and a personal walk with God. The blessing of God is like the petrol while a personal walk with God is like the diesel of that petrol tanker truck. You can have answered prayers, financial blessing, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, divine protection, divine promotion and so many other divine moves of God in your life; oh wonderful, critical and beautiful those things are, but that your life is full (or otherwise) of those things is not what keeps you going in your spiritual life. What ensures that you will get to heaven at the end of your sojourn on the earth is your personal walk with God. Your personal quiet time, your personal prayer alter, your personal consecration and covenant and dealing of God. Oh yes, your personal obedience to the dictates of the holy spirit, your personal rapport with God in the meditation of the word of God, your closet with God, the good or bad you do that only you, God and the devil knows about it; yes that is what will take you home to heaven at the end of your stay on the earth.

When Moses struck the rock twice and water poured out for people to drink, every Israeli in that congregation will say that another miracle as been performed by God through the hands of Moses the man of God. But it is only known between him, God and the devil that was a terrible error. He was supposed to speak to the rock and not to strike it with anger (Number 20: 7- 12). Sadly that was what rounded off his ministry. I remember a book written by R. W Shambach titled “how to heal the sick, raise the dead and still go to hell”. The analogy of the stranded but loaded petrol tanker is the exact literal play out of the title of the book. You can have the miracle baby, miracle job, miracle promotion and blessing and still go to hell. But you cannot have a virile, sound, accurate personal walk with God and miss heaven at last.

Now that you know that what ever you ask from God here on the earth as literal blessing (even anointing and spiritual gifts) will not take you to heaven, what is supposed to be your focus as you pass your sojourn on the earth? Take care of the things only you, God and the devil knows.

God bless you big


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