The most formidable fence


    When a tall wall is constructed around a building, anyone in that building has a sense of security as long as the wall is impregnable and taller than what any intruder can climb over and the gates are well locked. However, the truth is that the wall prevents intruder but also restrains the movement of person inside the house. It’s like a big cage. So if you really want the security which the wall provides, you have to be ready to live within the confines of the wall.

    Well thats a physical wall, which can be broken and destroyed by any determined intruder. However, there is an ultimate wall that no intruder can break. The host of hell and natural disaster cannot pull this wall down. God said His going to be that wall for His children. “For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her”. (Zec 2:5)

    When you lay hold on the promises of the scriptures with faith, God Himself rise up as an invincible wall of defence around you as His child. When you stand on Gods word, you activate divine defense for your health, family, business, marriage, children etc. However, as important as activating the defence of the word of God is through your quoting of the scriptures, you need to know that there is a requirement in the word that you will also have to bring yourself to obey the word of God if you truly want the defences to be effective over your life. Many scriptures come with conditions. But many Christians quote the promises without bringing themselves to obey the conditions.

    Are you quoting the promises from the bible without obeying the commands from then same bible? It doesnt work that way. Even if it seems you are getting some form of results for now, the disobedience to other scripture will soon catch up with you.

    For instance, the bible said. “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you”. (James 4:7). So if you want to resist the devil in your affairs, you must submit to God first. The bible says “ask and it shall be given to you” (Mat 7:7). But the same bible says, go out and preach the gospel, then what ever you ask shall be given to you (John 15:16). The bible says I wish above all things that you should prosper and be in health (3John 1:2). But the bible also says that my cities shall be expanded through prosperity (Zach 1:17). The bible also talks about tithes and offerings. So if you want divine intervention in your affairs to bring prosperity, you will not just quote scriptures, you will pay your tithe and offering and sow into God work so that his cities will be expanded through your prosperity. So the word of God will be your advantage and edge but it will also be a constrain restraining you from actions and inaction that is not in line with God. You cannot eat your cake and have it, if you want God to rise for you as an ultimate shield, you must stay under Him in obedience to His word. That is it the ultimate wall that can protect you.


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