Under which law are you?


Understanding and applying a law to your advantage is a really huge advantage because either you understand the law or not, it will work to your advantage if you work in line with it and it will also work against you know if you do not fall in line. If there is any restriction you are having most likely a law of life, nature, constitution is restraining you. But in many cases of restriction, there are other laws that that will give you what you want to achieve if you apply yourself to it. For instance, if you want to fly as a human being by jumping up, no matter how high you jump the law of gravity will pull you down back to the ground. However if you go into an aircraft, you will fly because the technology makes use of the law of aerodynamics which overrules the law of gravity. Also the law of floatation prevents you from sinking inside water although you would have sank ordinarily because there is a law that makes heavy objects to sink inside water.
Romans 8 talks about two laws that govern us. Namely the Law of Spirit of life in Christ Jesus and the law of sin and death. The law of the sin and death came into the world when Adam and Eve sinned at the Garden of Eden. The law brought reduction, curse, sickness, death and every other evil thing that was not in the plan of a God for human beings. It also eroded the peace and tranquility that God planned for man as enjoyed in the Garden of Eden.
However God gave us a remedy by giving us the Law of spirit of life in Christ Jesus, which is to set us free from the claws and jaws of the law of sin and death. This law is to stop the curse and start the blessing.
So under which law are you applying yourself? Is it the law of reduction and stagnancy or the superior law that gives you an overriding advantage over the normal prevailing circumstances of life? This law is the way out of the lineage, communal curse or failure. This law of the spirit of life is what will break the ancestral ceiling that may be barring you from being everything that God has in mind for you.
How to apply yourself to the law of life
1. By your choice
“I place before you blessing and curse, life and death, choose the one you want” Deut 30: 15. It is free for you to choose under which law you want to live. By being born into the world as a descendant of Adam and Eve, you have already born into the law of sin and death. But it is your choice to accept the law of spirit of life in Christ Jesus or remain as you are. Your first step is salvation. Accept that you are a sinner, ask God to forgive you and decide to give your life to Christ and stay saved. This is just the first step. Holding unto it will secure you your ultimate end in heaven. Salvation is just the starting point of activating the law of spirit of life over your life.
2. By your consistent confession of the word of God
Your salvation will secure you heaven but that alone does not guaranty that all your affairs now will be on auto-run according to the law of the spirit of life. You have to search the scriptures to know what is God’s provision concerning each aspect of your life and consciously bring your life under the law of the spirit of life by speaking over them consistently and uncompromisingly without bulging irrespective of the situation that is happening around. The word of God must be put into your mouth for your life will go in the direction of your mouth. Bring your health, finances, marriage, and career under the law of the spirit of life. Confess the word of God over those areas of your life but remember to obey the pre-requisite of the promises of the word of God. Confessing without obeying the pre-requisite is like speaking empty words.
3. By your work of faith
When you quote the scriptures concerning an issue, you need to activate the power in that word by engaging in the work of faith, by taking steps in line with the scriptures. Eli told Hannah that she that God has heard her prayers; she believed it and then started to behave as if she has gotten pregnant already. She stood up from the place of prayer and cheered up (1 Sam 1: 17- 18). When you are laying hold on the word of God concerning an issue, it must not just be in your mouth, but also in your hands like a glove and the boots you are wearing where you are going. Take steps in line with the word of God. If you are confessing the scriptures on abundance, go ahead and increase your capability to handle enlargement. Train more, read more, be more diligent, make the best of every opportunity that come your way, crush the works of the devil that wants to block your way.
4. By your patience
“But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience”. (Luke 8:15)
From the parable of the sower, we need to note that the word of God will bring forth fruit in the long or short run after you have held on it with faith and patience long enough. Though each time you confess the word, virtue is released in your direction from heaven to accomplish the issue, but often times you may not see the physical manifestation of the positive confession in the immediate. That is why you need to continue in faith, positive action and confession of the word of God until you lay hold on the result with your physical hands. You need to stay tenacious knowing that God said what He meant and He meant what He said. God has not actually promised you an expected beginning, rather, he promised you an expected end. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end” (Jer 29:11). Just like Job, even if the answer delays, do not give up, wait for it will come (Job 14:14).

5. By your praise
“Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand”; (Psa 149:6)
To say the truth, the law of sin and death will not just go away like a coward without a fight; you need to literarily kick the sponsor of that evil law of sin and death – the devil – out of your business, marriage, health and life in entirety. You also need to work on your flesh (which loves the pleasure of sin), it needs to be subdued under the word of God. You need to wage a daily war in prayer, subduing the flesh. But that is not all; praise is an awesome weapon that you need to carry along in order to enforce the law of the spirit of life over the law of sin and death. As you pray, praise. Worship is God’s “war-ship”, enter into worship and you will see the awesome result. Enforce your victory with worship.

6. By your ultimate view :
There are things that will happen that will want to distract you from this law of the spirit. For some, it may be answered prayers. For some it may be delay of answers. It may be persecution, carelessness, ambition and worldliness. The only way not be distracted is to get it right from the word go. Real ultimate goal of this law is to get you to heaven. There is nothing that this law can get you here on the earth that you will not leave behind when you leave this world. Lazarus that was raised from the dead in the bible still eventually died, the people Jesus fed with bread and fish eventually still got hungry, the healed bodies still eventually decayed in graves when their owners died later, so eventually you will lose all those things that God gives you as you bid the earth farewell. So those things should not be your focus. The ultimate destiny is that this law of the spirit of life will make you overcome the law of gravity when the trumpet sounds to rapture the saints. From that point whatever this law gives you is permanent. So do not loose grip on the law of the spirit of life. It is not for here alone, it is for eternity but starting from here.

God Bless you big


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